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Moto Engineering Foundation and TechnoPark MotorLand promote the MotoStudent International Competition, a challenge between University Student teams among all over the world.

The goal for students is to apply all their knowledge acquired during their university studies in a real industrial project, by designing, developing and manufacturing a real racing motorbike prototype, which will be evaluated and tested in Motorland Aragon FIM Circuit. There are two categories:

  • MotoStudent Petrol (internal combustion engine)
  • MotoStudent Electric (100% electric propulsion system)

MotoStudent itself represents a challenge to the students, which have to prove their creativity and innovation skills to directly apply their engineering abilities against other teams from universities all over the world during a period of three semesters.

-The next generation of engineers will have a challenging competition for testing their skills.-


To the students...

  • To carry out a real project with real business world commitments:
    • Teamwork
    • Working in competence
    • Dealing with a tight budget
    • Time schedule and deadlines
  • To work in tight connection with companies and institutions directly related to the world-class motorbike racing competition
  • To take advantage of the freedom degrees that the engineering programs have (free-elective credits, final projects, etc.) to integrate them in order to improve their curriculum
  • To use the most advanced systems in design and analysis to carry out a real project

To the Universities...

  • To integrate the academic work with the students' development of practical skills
  • To increase the connection and exchange between University and industry
  • To provide to the industrial world and the 2wheels competition from student engineers with easy-to-integrate to the real needs profiles
  • To maintain, tighten and expand relations with the participating Universities in other academic forums
  • To use MotoStudent as a tool for applying the recommendations of Bologna

To the Industry...

  • To play with the best scenario for testing your products and to demonstrate your potential and newest technologies
  • To connect the world's most ambitious and skilled students with businesses looking for the next industry leaders
  • To link directly your business to our international public and to the university studies participating in the competition
  • To become the first option for the graduates entering the job market
  • To deal with the best source of young engineers ready to go at the industry
  • To display your brand in a unique world-class competition


MotoStudent gives the teams the maximum design flexibility, with very few restrictions on the decision making for the overall motorbike design, so that the vehicles or projects entering to the competition should fulfil minimum safety requirements and dimensions in the designated area.

The challenge to teams is to develop a motorbike that can successfully accomplish with all the tests and events along the MotoStudent Competition. MotoStudent gives the teams the chance to prove and demonstrate their engineering skills, creativity and business abilities in competition to teams from other universities around the world.

Competition Objectives

The teams are asked to play the role of a motorsport team, so that they will have to design, manufacture and evaluate a racing motorbike prototype for the non-professional, weekend and competition market. Therefore the challenge is not only an engineering based project if not a business model as well.

Aspects as acceleration, braking, handling and durability will be evaluated during the MotoStudent event at MotorLand Aragón Circuit. Additional design factors to be considered include: manufacturability, economic aspects, ergonomics, aesthetics, maintainability, innovation of the design and reliability.

The prototypes will be submitted to bench tests, they should comply with the minimum braking requirements, chassis resistance, etc.

A final test will be performed in order to evaluate the driving qualities of the prototype in the main track. For the final evaluation the motorbikes will develop an engineering race within the FIM and RFME Racing Regulations in the MotorLand Aragon Circuit.

Each project will be assessed against other competing projects to determine the best overall motorbike.


In the MS1 phase the projects will be judged from the project point of view as a management project model, evaluating aspects such as: cost, design, innovation, industrialization, engineering design, presentation, etc.

Prior entering the MS2 phase, the motorbikes will be tested in order to determine their safety and functionality, through various static and dynamic events including: technical inspection, brake testing, various performance trials, endurance and dynamic behavior. The dynamic events are scored to determine how well the motorbike performs. The MS2 phase will end up with a final race in the MotorLand Aragon Circuit.


  • The team has to represent a public or private University. It is also possible to aggregate to the team members or to collaborate with a Technical College to develop the prototype, in order to complement the participating University; these members should be included in the pre-register form. For MotoStudent, joint entries with a Technical College are allowed, but in this case the entry must be under the University name.
  • Each team will have a minimum of 7 members.
  • The Competition is opened to all university and vocational training centers students enrolled in the 2021/2022 and/or 2022/2023 courses
  • Each team must have a Faculty Advisor as team mentor, being this person an active teacher or technical personnel of the University. Also, the advisor or team mentor should attend with the team to the Event, and he will be considered by the Organization as the official representative of the team.
  • The entry fee of the Competition includes the delivery of the MotoStudent Kit, which includes common compulsory parts for all teams that must be installed in the bike.


January 2022 until full quota
May 2022 - Autumn 2023
Final Event:
Autumn 2023


Moto Engineering Foundation
TechnoPark MotorLand
44600 - Alcaniz (Teruel) - Spain

+34 978 877 935


Note: The given information is subjected to changes.