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Red Bull MotoBoost challenge


MotoStudent and Red Bull, sharing its strengths, present Red Bull MotoBoost challenge. It was born as a tool to boost creativity and innovation through the design process, giving an extra motivation to teams enrolled in the MotoStudent competition.

Red Bull MotoBoost Objectives

Red Bull MotoBoost is a university challenge between teams enrolled in the VI MotoStudent International Competition, that must perform a complete fairing development including winglets or aerodynamics devices to improve the performance of the prototype.

Seven members of the winning team will enjoy the experience offered by Red Bull & MotoStudent, in association with KTM and Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, four days during the MotoGP Grand Prix.

Participation requirements

This challenge is available only for official, registered teams in the VI MotoStudent International Competition and for team members officially registered the first day of project deliverables (1st October 2020).



Given the unprecedented effects of COVID-19, scheduling and other factors may be subject to change. The Red Bull MotoBoost Challenge reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the terms.