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by Moto Student - Friday, 1 April 2022, 9:38 AM
Anyone in the world

The competition reaffirms its international role in the development of university talent and its innovative training process on two globally relevant stages of the technology and two-wheeler sectors.

The exhibition began on Thursday, March 31 at the Advanced Factories Fair, the annual meeting with the leaders of automation and industrial robotics held in Barcelona from March 29 to 31, with Aragon as a guest region and whose inauguration was attended by the Vice President of Aragon, Arturo Aliaga, also receiving recognition of Aragon as "European Industrial Region 2022".

Within the Industry 4.0 Congress, in the Attracting Talent to Industry session, TechnoPark MotorLand highlighted its most disruptive talent development project, the MotoStudent International Competition, and the job placement shown by its participating students. The adaptation to the cultural objectives of digitization, sustainability or social responsibility of economic activities, goes first of all through the incorporation of diverse and prepared talent. Based on this premise, the Technology Park continues to work with all its training projects, putting people at the forefront as the cornerstone of the innovative ecosystem.


The second event took place at IFEMA, at the Vive la Moto fair in Madrid, the most important meeting of the motorcycle sector in Spain, where MotoStudent presented the Round Table 'MotoStudent, innovation and talent' to present the competition and its involvement in innovation and talent development from different points of view given by exceptional speakers.

Pablo Esparza offered his vision as a MotoStudent participant who has taken the leap by developing his own idea of designing and manufacturing electric motorcycles in his company RAY Electric Motors, "In MotoStudent you have to work hard, but it really pays off both personally and professionally. Surround yourself with people who think like you, who work well, create a good atmosphere in the team and from there you have to work hard as we have done in Ray Electric Motors. And if it's not one year, it will be the next, but the results really come". Sergio Crespo of Anesdor, the entity that represents the brands of the two-wheel sector in Spain and promoter of the fair, gave the vision of the project that the industry has and the advantages that the talent coming from MotoStudent offers them: "MotoStudent is a great pool of talent for the industry in all profiles and in all aspects, especially in those most in demand today by the automotive industry, such as computer profiles, electronics or new technologies that the automotive industry demands more and more".

From the point of view of competition at the highest level, Oscar Gallardo of Dorna Sports, exclusive holder of the rights to MotoGP or Superbikes, expressed his interest in the springboard that MotoStudent represents towards the elite of competition, "My recommendation is for the universities, they should do more real projects like MotoStudent, that they launch themselves into the market and show what they know how to do. I believe that, for them, participating in this type of project improves the quality of education and the possibilities for students".

And, as a fourth fundamental leg, the challenge of innovation, represented by Romà López, of the Red Bull MotoBoost challenge and coordinator of the Red Bull Rookies Cup, who highlighted the need for innovation in a world full of constant new technological waves, giving students the opportunity to challenge themselves not only on the asphalt, but in the technological race that the world lives today, "No doubt, Motostudent is an innovation in a world where technology is the daily bread. In previous editions we have seen a very high level with ideas that are more or less applicable, but that really represent a step forward. Now we are looking to take the challenge to the next level, it will no longer be enough with a good theory, we are going further looking for practical capabilities with faster and more proven solutions. We have no doubt that the students, once again this year, and taking into account the commitment that characterizes them, will be able to pleasantly surprise us".

In addition to the event included in the agenda of the fair, visitors have been able to contemplate five prototypes participating in the previous edition at the MotoStudent stand.


It is an opportunity to be present in these showcases that concentrate the entire industrial sector and thousands of fans of two wheels, who will know firsthand both MotoStudent as the entire offer of the TechnoPark MotorLand technology park and applied research to the engine that is carried out every day in this ecosystem of companies and research institutions unparalleled in our immediate environment.

For MotoStudent it is especially important to be known at events like this and to be able to contact universities that want to participate in this international challenge, whose registration period in this seventh edition is still open and its response is being very positive with more than 70% of the available places requested. These figures corroborate the 300% increase in participation in this event since its first edition 12 years ago, with more than 4,000 students directly involved from 20 countries from the Asian, American, African and European continents.