What is Motostudent

Moto Engineering Foundation and TechnoPark MotorLand promote the MotoStudent International Competition, a challenge between University Student teams among all over the world.

The goal for students is to apply all their knowledge acquired during their university studies in a real project, by designing, developing and manufacturing a real racing motorbike prototype, which will be evaluated and tested in Motorland Aragon FIM Circuit. There are two categories:


Internal combustion engine


100% Electric propulsion system

MotoStudent itself represents a challenge to the students, which have to prove their creativity and innovation skills to directly apply their engineering abilities against other teams from universities all over the world during a period of three semesters.

-The next generation of engineers will have a challenging competition for testing their skills.-

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MS1 Phase

The projects will be judged from the industrial point of view as a real business project model where to apply the knowledge acquired during their education, showing the aspects and difficulties that an industrial manufacturing project can entail.

MS2 Phase

Prior entering the MS2 phase, the motorbikes will be scrutineered in order to determine their safety and functionality, through various static and dynamic checks. Once the motorbikes are approved by the Organization, some scoring dynamic tests will be performed to demonstrate the performance of the motorbikes, which will end up in the only FIM international university race at the FIM Road Racing Circuit of MotorLand Aragon.

Why take chance in MotoStudent ?




  • Working in a real and competitive environment.
  • Contact with companies and institutions directly related to sport motorbike competition.
  • Inclusion in the academic curriculum.
  • Use of the most advanced design and analytic systems to carry out a real project.
  • Integrate students' academic work with the development of their practical skills.
  • Increase the connection between university and industry.
  • Provide the industrial world and the 2-wheel competition of students with profiles adapted to real needs.
  • Maintain, strengthen and expand relationships with the other participating universities.
  • The 1st FIM approved University Electric Race.
  • The most advanced universities in the Development of Innovative Projects.
  • Highly Qualified & Motivated Students, who will be the Industry Leaders of the Future.
  • Innovative & Creative International Scenario.
  • Unbeatable setting to test new products and technologies.
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