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The award, which acknowledges initiatives related to youth, was received in Liverpool by the Director General of Industrial Promotion and Innovation, Mar Paños, and the Director of Technopark Motorland, Daniel Urquizu.

This year's annual awards gala of the International Motorcycling Federation held in Liverpool had a distinct Aragonese character. This prominence came with the presentation of the prestigious "Trophy For The Future" to the "Made in Technopark" project of MotoStudent. The award, presented during the FIM Awards gala, was accepted by the Director General of Industrial Promotion and Innovation of the Government of Aragon, Mar Paños, and the Director of TechnoPark MotorLand, Daniel Urquizu. The presentation of this international award is a milestone that reinforces the park's position as a leader in innovation in the development of talent in the industry and Motorsport.

The gala brought together prominent figures from the sports and industry worldwide and served as a platform to highlight the excellence of the Moto Engineering Foundation, backed by TechnoPark MotorLand. Through the "Trophy For The Future," the Motorcycling Federation emphasizes its outstanding work with the organization of MotoStudent and its significant contribution to enhancing the presence of young people in areas related to motorcycling, thus shaping the future of this exciting sport and its related industry.

Following the award ceremony, Mar Paños emphasized, "The award is not only a recognition of effort but also a celebration of the talent, passion, dedication, and innovation that drives the MotoStudent project in the pursuit of excellence in education and Motorsport."

Paños also pointed out that "MotoStudent serves as a guide for innovation in an ever-evolving sector. The competition promotes the ideas and research of university students that become a reality." The Director-General highlighted "the responsibility that comes with this recognition: to inspire, guide, and pave the way for the next generation of visionaries in the field of Motorsport and its industry."

Daniel Urquizu, Director of Technopark Motorland, highlighted the importance of the award, stating that it "validates the excellence and innovation of MotorLand Park internationally. This award praises the work and consolidates the unique connection of our ecosystem, bringing together companies, innovation, talent, and sports – essentially the synergy of TechnoPark and MotoStudent."

The International MotoStudent Competition, promoted by the Moto Engineering Foundation and TechnoPark MotorLand, located in the mentioned Technological Park of Alcañiz, is a challenge among university teams worldwide. Students have the opportunity to undertake a real project through a challenge where they will apply, as future specialized professionals, the knowledge acquired during their years of study.

The competition allows them to demonstrate their abilities and serves as a benchmark in their careers. Evidence of this is the various students who participated in previous MotoStudent editions, currently working in competitions such as MotoGP, Formula 1, or WorldSBK, as well as in the development departments of leading motor companies. It has also led to the creation of startups that have successfully entered the technology market. Additionally, thanks to collaboration with brands such as Red Bull, Acciona Energía, FERSA, CIRCE Foundation, KTM, and other entities, MotoStudent becomes a constant challenge for students. MotoStudent provides them with the ideal ecosystem for their immediate future, an environment that brings together outstanding professionals in the sector, pioneering industries, and competitions at the highest level.

After nearly 15 years of history, MotoStudent is a reference project that leaves a mark and impact on its territory, creating a global showcase for a unique target audience, within the territory it operates, and providing a sporting differential to MotorLand Aragón, being the venue for the only world race of its kind. The FIM jury has valued all of this, in addition to MotoStudent's other virtues, highlighting how, from a local perspective, we can impact globally and be a driver of change.

MotoStudent Petrol and MotoStudent Electric, not only the internal combustion of 250 cubic centimeters and 4-stroke KTM engines are common on the track, but MotoStudent Electric also provides 100% electric prototypes. Thus, this event aligns with sustainability and environmental concern, providing a future springboard for upcoming decision-makers and an excellent testbed for the most disruptive technology.

Moto Engineering Foundation and TechnoPark MotorLand
The MotoStudent Competition is promoted by the TechnoPark MotorLand and the Moto Engineering Foundation (MEF), whose trustees include the Aragon Institute for Development, MotorLand Aragón, Dorna, the National Association of Two-Wheeler Companies (ANESDOR), the Royal Spanish Motorcycling Federation, the Aragonese Motorcycling Federation, the General Council of Official Industrial Engineers, the University of Zaragoza, and the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Zaragoza (CEZ).

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