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Anyone in the world

The MotoStudent International Competition, held at the Alcañiz circuit, is back after the success of the last edition, which was attended by 80 teams from 17 countries. 

Registration is now open for the VIII Edition of the International MotoStudent Competition held at the MotorLand Aragón speed circuit in Alcañiz where, from now on and during the next 18 months, teams from all over the world will compete to be the best project of talent and innovation on a racing motorcycle. MotoStudent is already an international benchmark in the field of university and mobility on two wheels, since it is backed by a dizzying trajectory that has directly involved more than 5,000 university students and has exceeded 350 teams from universities in 22 countries on 4 continents. 

Registration for the teams interested in participating in the VIII Edition of MotoStudent is open since March 1st and can be done through the website On this website you can also find the new Official Regulations, increasingly aligned with the world's top competition. After the registration period, an 18-month development cycle will begin in which the university teams will design and manufacture racing motorcycle prototypes, integrating innovative technology and applying the knowledge acquired during their years of study. The edition will culminate with the Final Event, scheduled for fall 2025, at the prestigious MotorLand Aragon circuit. This will offer teams the unique opportunity to compete for five days on the same track as the world's best MotoGP riders. 

During this VIII Edition, registered teams will enjoy privileged access to a variety of resources, services and trainings through MotoStudent's internal platform. Participants will not only be provided with essential tools for the development of their projects, but will also have the opportunity to take part in exclusive talent programs and other challenges that will enhance the professional and academic growth of the participants. In addition, this exclusive ecosystem will bring together the leading industry in the sector with the best university talent, and the innovation that will be developed will once again be the standard that defines its members. 

MotoStudent continues to be a pioneering competition by presenting two categories: MotoStudent Petrol, aimed at prototypes with internal combustion engines, and MotoStudent Electric, for all-electric projects. As a novelty, this edition will work on new segments of sustainability oriented towards new technological models, and their consequent reduction of emissions, reflecting the commitment of the competition with the environment and sustainable mobility. 

International Recognition 

A recent milestone is the 'Trophy For The Future 2023' award, given to MotoStudent by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). This prestigious award was presented at the FIM Awards in Liverpool, a gala that brought together the most prominent exponents of the sport and industry on a global scale, which recognized the excellence, innovation and talent development that drives young people this International Competition. 

Success stories 

MotoStudent is an excellent test bed for the most disruptive technology, and is present in many world-class events driving technological innovation. Proof of this are the various students participating in previous editions, who are currently working in competitions such as MotoGP, Formula 1 or WorldSBK, as well as in leading companies in the sector.  

Another case derived from the technological collaboration with MotoStudent is the Watt Power Racing team, led by a loyal collaborator of the Competition, Elías Bel, who, together with his team, has competed in the last edition of the Dakar Rally, with an electric motorcycle, in the new category of alternative propulsion to oil, Dakar Mission 1000. In his prototype, the technology with which the universities are competing in MotoStudent has been applied, since the same technical regulations and electric safety systems of MotoStudent have been followed.  

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    Anyone in the world

    The award, which acknowledges initiatives related to youth, was received in Liverpool by the Director General of Industrial Promotion and Innovation, Mar Paños, and the Director of Technopark Motorland, Daniel Urquizu.

    This year's annual awards gala of the International Motorcycling Federation held in Liverpool had a distinct Aragonese character. This prominence came with the presentation of the prestigious "Trophy For The Future" to the "Made in Technopark" project of MotoStudent. The award, presented during the FIM Awards gala, was accepted by the Director General of Industrial Promotion and Innovation of the Government of Aragon, Mar Paños, and the Director of TechnoPark MotorLand, Daniel Urquizu. The presentation of this international award is a milestone that reinforces the park's position as a leader in innovation in the development of talent in the industry and Motorsport.

    The gala brought together prominent figures from the sports and industry worldwide and served as a platform to highlight the excellence of the Moto Engineering Foundation, backed by TechnoPark MotorLand. Through the "Trophy For The Future," the Motorcycling Federation emphasizes its outstanding work with the organization of MotoStudent and its significant contribution to enhancing the presence of young people in areas related to motorcycling, thus shaping the future of this exciting sport and its related industry.

    Following the award ceremony, Mar Paños emphasized, "The award is not only a recognition of effort but also a celebration of the talent, passion, dedication, and innovation that drives the MotoStudent project in the pursuit of excellence in education and Motorsport."

    Paños also pointed out that "MotoStudent serves as a guide for innovation in an ever-evolving sector. The competition promotes the ideas and research of university students that become a reality." The Director-General highlighted "the responsibility that comes with this recognition: to inspire, guide, and pave the way for the next generation of visionaries in the field of Motorsport and its industry."

    Daniel Urquizu, Director of Technopark Motorland, highlighted the importance of the award, stating that it "validates the excellence and innovation of MotorLand Park internationally. This award praises the work and consolidates the unique connection of our ecosystem, bringing together companies, innovation, talent, and sports – essentially the synergy of TechnoPark and MotoStudent."

    The International MotoStudent Competition, promoted by the Moto Engineering Foundation and TechnoPark MotorLand, located in the mentioned Technological Park of Alcañiz, is a challenge among university teams worldwide. Students have the opportunity to undertake a real project through a challenge where they will apply, as future specialized professionals, the knowledge acquired during their years of study.

    The competition allows them to demonstrate their abilities and serves as a benchmark in their careers. Evidence of this is the various students who participated in previous MotoStudent editions, currently working in competitions such as MotoGP, Formula 1, or WorldSBK, as well as in the development departments of leading motor companies. It has also led to the creation of startups that have successfully entered the technology market. Additionally, thanks to collaboration with brands such as Red Bull, Acciona Energía, FERSA, CIRCE Foundation, KTM, and other entities, MotoStudent becomes a constant challenge for students. MotoStudent provides them with the ideal ecosystem for their immediate future, an environment that brings together outstanding professionals in the sector, pioneering industries, and competitions at the highest level.

    After nearly 15 years of history, MotoStudent is a reference project that leaves a mark and impact on its territory, creating a global showcase for a unique target audience, within the territory it operates, and providing a sporting differential to MotorLand Aragón, being the venue for the only world race of its kind. The FIM jury has valued all of this, in addition to MotoStudent's other virtues, highlighting how, from a local perspective, we can impact globally and be a driver of change.

    MotoStudent Petrol and MotoStudent Electric, not only the internal combustion of 250 cubic centimeters and 4-stroke KTM engines are common on the track, but MotoStudent Electric also provides 100% electric prototypes. Thus, this event aligns with sustainability and environmental concern, providing a future springboard for upcoming decision-makers and an excellent testbed for the most disruptive technology.

    Moto Engineering Foundation and TechnoPark MotorLand
    The MotoStudent Competition is promoted by the TechnoPark MotorLand and the Moto Engineering Foundation (MEF), whose trustees include the Aragon Institute for Development, MotorLand Aragón, Dorna, the National Association of Two-Wheeler Companies (ANESDOR), the Royal Spanish Motorcycling Federation, the Aragonese Motorcycling Federation, the General Council of Official Industrial Engineers, the University of Zaragoza, and the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Zaragoza (CEZ).

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      Anyone in the world

      More than 800 university students from 19 countries have converged on the Alcañiz circuit in this 7th Edition, creating an extraordinary atmosphere. Over the course of the five days of competition, more than 7,000 people have visited MotorLand Aragón.

      MotoStudent, a competition organized by the MEF Foundation in collaboration with TechnoPark MotorLand, concluded on Sunday, marking an edition that will go down in history. Nearly 80 universities participated in this edition, surpassing the just over 70 from the previous edition. This number has been steadily increasing since the first edition held in 2009-2010, in which there were 23 teams from 2 countries. It has now become a unique competition in the world where the best university engineers come together for five days to prove that the motorcycles they have developed deserve to win. Since that first edition, universities have invested more than 5.5 million euros in research and development, demonstrating the importance of the competition. Several official brands now also support the university teams. All of this takes place in a healthy, competitive environment where they all seek to learn and continue their education to eventually become part of the categories, companies, or teams that make up the world of motorsport. This year, for the first time, the "Talent RoadShow 2023" was held, where companies in the sector were looking for talent within the MotorLand Aragón paddock and, who knows, may hire the engineers of the future. Companies such as Monlau, Circe, ANESDOR, CAAR, FERSA, and MotorLand Aragón and TechnoPark MotorLand took the opportunity to travel to the circuit to collect CVs and begin building relationships for the future. In terms of the sport, on Sunday, the public enjoyed four exciting races, which, along with the tests from the previous two days, brought a lot of action to the world-class circuit.

      Thrilling Races on Sunday

      The day began with the different qualifying sessions to set the starting grids and the first two "repêchage" races, in which the top three qualified for the final races. In the MotoStudent Petrol category, the University of Turin (2WheelsPoliTO) arrived after dominating the free practice sessions and the qualifying session, starting from pole position ahead of Florida Moto Team (Florida Universitaria de Valencia). During the first few laps, both riders exchanged positions in a beautiful battle for the top spot. Ultimately, after overtaking two more times on the final lap, the victory went to the Italian team 2WheelsPoliTO, with Florida Universitaria in second place and Sapienza Gladiators (University of Rome) in third. In the Electric category, there was a fierce battle from the free practice sessions between UniBO Motorsport (University of Bologna) and the UMA Racing Team (University of Malaga), with the Italians ultimately securing pole position. However, in the race, the University of Malaga took the lead from the beginning and pulled away from their rivals. But luck was not on their side, as in the final lap, when they had a sufficient lead to win, their motorcycle stopped, and they couldn't continue. This allowed the Polytechnic University of Madrid (which had been in second place throughout the race) to take the lead, but their joy was short-lived as UniBo Motorsport, on the last lap, managed to overtake UPM and secured the victory, with the Madrid team finishing second and Polimi Motorcycle Factory (Politecnico di Milano) in third.

      2WheelsPoliTO and UniBO MotorSport Named Best MotoStudent Petrol and Best MotoStudent Electric

      Finally, after more than 16 months of work, the best universities of this 7th Edition were awarded. In the MS2 phase, the overall awards for the Best MotoStudent VII in the Electric and Petrol categories went to UniBO Motorsport and 2WheelsPoliTO, respectively. This award, which is a combination of dynamic tests and races along with industrial projects, is the highest accolade of the competition. In the Petrol category, 2WheelsPoliTO was joined on the podium by Florida Moto Team and Montan Factory Racing (Austria) as the second and third place finishers. In the Electric category, UniBO Motorsport was followed by Polimi Motorcycle Factory and UPM Motostudent Electric. In the electric category for rookies, Quartodilitro UNIPD emerged as the overall winner, while in the petrol category, Montan Factory Racing claimed the victory. In the awards related to the MS1 phase (awards for the more industrial, theoretical, and design aspects of the prototypes), in the MotoStudent Electric category, there was a clear dominator with a clean sweep in all three categories in contention. UniBO MotorSport from the University of Bologna (Italy), under the umbrella of the Fundazione Ducati, secured the title for Best Industrial Project (sponsored by CIRCE), Best Design (sponsored by DSRM), and Best Technological Innovation (sponsored by CGCOII). In the MotoStudent Petrol category, the award for the best project (presented by the Government of Aragón) went to the 2WheelsPoliTo team from the University of Turin (Italy). The award for the best design (sponsored by Dunlop) and the best innovation (sponsored by ANESDOR) also went to the THM MotorSport Friedberg team from the University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen (Germany).

      A Different Event Focused on Students' Futures with Strong Support from Institutions and Industry Companies

      MotoStudent has grown continually in just over 15 years as it has completed various editions. It is a reality that leading universities want to participate in this competition, and brands and companies related to the world of motorsport also want to support it through these teams. Every year, improvements can be seen in the designs, finishes, the process of bringing the project to reality, and consequently, the fine-tuning on the MotorLand Aragón track. The prototypes that students develop are no longer far from the times of the Moto3 category in the MotoGP World Championship, and top speeds are also comparable. In this edition, speeds exceeding 210 km/h were achieved, and a new lap record was set in the Petrol category, with a time of 2:10.367. This makes it the perfect setting to create a synergy between students and motor industry companies that haven't missed the opportunity to try to attract future employees. This event already has institutional support from DORNA SPORTS (the organizer of the MotoGP and Superbike World Championships), the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM), and the Royal Spanish Motorcycling Federation (RFME), along with sponsorship from many leading companies in the sector (KTM, Dunlop, J.Juan, Bender, Andreanini MHS, Fersa Bearings, Monlau, Circe, Anesdor, Caar, Acciona, and of course MotorLand Aragón).

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        Anyone in the world

        The action has shifted to the track to determine the winners of the 7th Edition of MotoStudent at MotorLand Aragón. This Saturday, the first winners of MS1 will be announced, leaving the races and the rest of the awards for MS2 to be held on Sunday.

        The 7th Edition of MotoStudent, organized by the MEF Foundation in collaboration with TechnoPark MotorLand, reaches its midpoint, with the teams that will compete in the weekend's various tests at the Alcañiz circuit now determined. Following administrative verifications on both Wednesday and Thursday, technical verifications took place. Here, the various motorcycles of the nearly 80 university teams underwent several tests to measure different parameters in order to meet the event's safety requirements and standards set by the International Motorcycling Federation. The majority of teams easily passed the verifications, but around a dozen motorcycles did not. From this Friday until Sunday, the action takes place on the track, with tests conducted on the asphalt. The public can access the paddock of the MotorLand Aragón circuit freely and without charge on Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, various activities for children and families can be enjoyed in the "Fan Zone" during the weekend.

        A Unique and Exceptional Event Worldwide

        The perfect description for MotoStudent is "unique." It's unique because it is truly the only university race in the world, and it's unique for its atmosphere, which is both entertaining and highly professional and competitive. More than 800 university students are competing on and off the track to secure victory. This event is centered around these university students who can also take advantage of the opportunity to find employment in the MotorLand Aragón paddock through "Talent RoadShow 2023." Several motor industry companies (Monlau, Circe, ANESDOR, CAAR, FERSA, and MotorLand Aragón itself) are present to collect resumes, seek talent, and who knows, recruit potential future engineers and mechanics for the MotoGP and F1 World Championships that are participating in this edition of MotoStudent. As the teams passed the verifications, several professionals in the motor industry have had the chance to see the creations of these university students and have taken note, initiating a synergy that could yield results in the near future. Specialized journalists in the sector, like Manuel Pecino and David Remón, have also been captivated by the students' creations.

        A World-Class Circuit to Judge the Future Winners of this Edition

        There's no turning back now. This Friday, the first official activities were held on the FIM track at MotorLand Aragón, exactly the same track used for the MotoGP and Superbike World Championship tests. While the bulk of on-track activity will take place on Saturday and Sunday, the first round of tests (tests 1, 2, and 3) was held on the straight section of the track on Friday. Simultaneously, throughout the day on Friday, all the teams had to present their projects to the jury, explaining the entire process of building their motorcycles. On Saturday, the second round of tests 1, 2, and 3 for both categories will take place, along with free practice sessions in the afternoon (from 4:00 p.m. to 6:20 p.m.). Following this, the gala ceremony will be held at the MotoStudent Arena, where the first awards for the MS1 category (awards for non-track and more theoretical and design categories) will be presented. For the Sunday session, different warm-up sessions for both categories are scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. Additionally, at 11:15 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., there will be repêchage races to qualify for the two main final races, which are scheduled for 1:40 p.m. in the Petrol category and 2:45 p.m. in the Electric category.

        Paddock with Free Access for the General Public

        During the weekend, access to the MotorLand Aragón paddock is free and open to the general public. All fans who wish to attend can access the parking (P1) within the circuit grounds, which is very close to the paddock area. Once inside, visitors can make their way to the "Fan Zone," where they will find inflatable castles, face painting, balloon modeling for children, and the opportunity to participate in the "Paint Your Racing Bike" competition. There will also be an educational and road safety circuit available. In box 13, a setup with a competition motorcycle has been prepared for those who want to take a photo and take home a lifelong memory. All of this will be complemented by a food truck, an "Event Car" with a Red Bull DJ, and many other activities. These activities will take place on both Saturday and Sunday.

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          Anyone in the world

          With a record enrollment of 80 universities from around the world, starting this Wednesday, the MotorLand Aragón paddock will be the global epicenter of technological innovation and cultural richness.

          More than 800 university students are expected, who have dedicated their best efforts throughout the year to create the most competitive and efficient motorcycle (both gasoline and electric) in an attempt to achieve ultimate victory. Technical verifications will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, leading to on-track activities on Friday. The weekend will host the final tests and races, all accompanied by a multitude of activities in the paddock for all audiences in a freely accessible event. Despite its youth, MotoStudent has become an international event that has attracted great interest from sponsors and official organizations for potential international expansion. Developed by the MEF Foundation in collaboration with TechnoPark MotorLand, it is the only university race in the world and has seen the participation of over 10,000 university students from around the globe since its first edition. Interestingly, many university students who have participated in various MotoStudent editions are now working for companies related to the MotoGP or Formula 1 world.

          As a novelty this year, there will be a job fair called "Talent RoadShow 2023" on Friday the 13th, which will be accessible to students registered in the competition. Several motor industry companies will be present, aiming to create a synergy that can bear fruit in the future.

          80 universities from 19 countries at MotorLand Aragón

          A true record, this edition of MotoStudent can be described as such. It has been a long journey leading up to the consecration of this event, which, every two years, attracts more and more university students who are passionate about engineering, two-wheelers, and a collegial atmosphere. This event, supported by FIM, goes beyond being a competitive event; it is primarily an educational event that values the work and ambition of university students who have developed their motorcycles over the course of a year. As in previous editions, there will be two categories: MotoStudent Petrol, with internal combustion, and MotoStudent Electric, with a 100% electric propulsion system. Over five days, both categories will be tested in various activities on the circuit to evaluate the motorcycles from different technical perspectives. The competition is designed to offer various awards based on different aspects and areas (best project, best innovation, best design, etc.), making it not only a fun challenge for university students but also an intellectual challenge they've worked on throughout the year to reach Alcañiz this weekend. In this way, for five days, universities from diverse countries such as the United States, Egypt, Austria, Italy, Mexico, India, and, of course, Spain, will share experiences, grow as individuals, and compete for victory in this 7th Edition.

          An Event Packed with Activities

          The event officially begins on Wednesday with the arrival of different teams and the distribution of documentation, along with the setup in the Alcañiz circuit boxes. The first technical and administrative verifications and tests will also commence. These same activities will continue on Thursday and Friday. Over the weekend, action will move to the track, with dynamic tests starting on Saturday at 8:30 a.m. in two different categories, concluding around 12:00 p.m. Free practice sessions will follow, with the first session for the Petrol category at 4:00 p.m., alternating with the Electric category, each having two 20-minute free practice sessions, concluding on the track at 6:20 p.m. On Sunday, starting at 9:00 a.m., there will be on-track activity with different warm-up sessions for both categories. Qualifying sessions will start at 10:45 a.m., leading to the races at 1:40 p.m. The Petrol category will race first, followed by the Electric category at 2:45 p.m.

          In addition to on-track and motor-related activities, there will be activities in the paddock on Saturday and Sunday. MotorLand will be open to all fans, with access to the fan zone starting at 8:00 a.m., offering various activities for children (face painting, inflatable structures, contests, etc.), as well as access to the circuit terraces to watch the on-track action. There will also be food trucks and various stalls in the paddock.

          Key Support for the Development of this Competition

          Although it faced initial challenges, MotoStudent has become well-established and has received support from crucial companies and institutions with significant impact in the motorsport field. Notably, the event is under the umbrella of the International Motorcycling Federation and is also supported by DORNA SPORTS (the company that manages the MotoGP World Championship and the Superbike World Championship, among others), ANESDOR, and the RFME, among others. It doesn't just receive institutional support but also the backing of leading brands in the motor industry. KTM is the official supplier of gasoline engines, Dunlop sponsors the tires, J.Juan sponsors the brakes, Bender is the supplier of the IMD, and Andreanini MHS sponsors the suspensions. Additionally, there are notable partnerships, such as Circe, which supports the electric category and develops technological solutions that contribute to efficient, safe, and connected mobility. Fersa Bearings, a Spanish multinational, starts its sponsorship with MotoStudent in this 7th Edition. With the aim of creating a zero-emissions event with 100% renewable energy, Acciona Energía joins as a competition partner, contributing to emissions reduction and promoting more sustainable mobility. Acciona will operate an electric mobility hub at the final event, featuring renewable energy sources, photovoltaic panel modules, electric vehicle charging points, and providing electric motorcycles for organization mobility in the paddock.

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            Anyone in the world

            The Final Event of MotoStudent International Competition will take place from October 11 to 15, 2023 at the MotorLand Aragon.

            MotoStudent International Competition was born in 2008 with the aim of developing student talent and their capacity for innovation, through a challenge never seen before. Students from all over the world must demonstrate their skills to design, develop and build a Competition motorcycle with specifications of the FIM Moto3 Category, which will be launched in October 2023.

            The VII Edition of the Competition, organized by the MEF Foundation and TechnoPark MotorLand, is already in the middle of its development, with a calendar of milestones in the period 2022-2023, through an innovative platform developed by INYCOM that facilitates the management of the Competition and offers the opportunity to provide additional training to the registered members of the teams.The Final Event of this Edition will take place at the MotorLand Aragón Circuit on October 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 of 2023. Almost 80 participating Teams from 4 of the 5 continents, representing 18 countries such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Egypt, Indonesia, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain, among others, will travel to the Circuit of Alcañiz.

            The best university teams in the world will measure themselves against each other to evaluate their prototypes, where after 3 semesters of intense work, they will demonstrate that innovation has its origin in university talent.

            During the 5 exciting days of the Final Event, the various scoring tests for both categories of the Competition will take place, culminating in two races on the asphalt of Alcañiz. In the MotoStudent Electric Category the motorcycles will be powered by 100% electric systems, with the Circe Foundation as technological partner, while in the MotoStudent Petrol Category will participate prototypes with internal combustion engine KTM, using in this edition the 250 model SX-F 2023, of 250 CC and 4 strokes, evolution of the propellant used in the Northern Talent Cup. The prototypes submitted, after being technically checked to ensure that they meet all safety requirements, will undergo the evaluation of the different phases that make up the Competition.

            In Phase MS1 the teams will have to present their projects to a jury composed of professional experts from different sectors of industry, automotive and innovation. This year, as a novelty, the innovation section will have more weight with an exclusive presentation, evaluated by a top-level team with KTM, Red Bull and the MEF Foundation, thus incorporating the challenge to the Red Bull MotoBoost program.

            During the MS2 Phase the prototypes will compete in a series of dynamic tests and on-track activity, where they will demonstrate their performance and dynamic capabilities. They will also test the most demanding components in the industry, such as JJuan in the braking section or Bender in terms of electrical protection systems.

            The competition will reward different aspects such as the Best Industrial Project, Best Design, Best Innovation, as well as the results in the dynamic test phase and the track tests. The world champion crown in each category will be awarded to the team that has accumulated the most points throughout the MS1 and MS2 Phases, as the culmination of the 18-month competition.

            The motorcycles presented by the universities will be characterized mainly by the application of the latest technologies, such as additive manufacturing and innovations in terms of chassis design, the use of new materials of great lightness and resistance or integrated electronic and electrical systems, which is a reflection of the path that the motorcycle sector will take in the future.

            The MotoStudent Final Event will bring together at MotorLand Aragón almost a thousand participating students and around 150 teachers, as well as various entities and brands involved in the sector, such as KTM, Andreani, AIM-DSRM, Dunlop, among others. In addition, the event will host other parallel activities related to motoring, training and new technologies.

            The MotoStudent Competition continues its expansion, having already reached directly and indirectly more than 10,000 students around the world and with an international impact in more than 20 countries. In addition, MotoStudent is the real boost, so that students can make the leap in the best possible conditions to the reality of work. Proof of this is the number of students participating in past editions who are currently working for the most important motor companies, MotoGP or F1 teams, and other championships, as well as the various startups that have emerged from the projects presented in MotoStudent.

            Moto Engineering Foundation and TechnoPark Motorland

            The MotoStudent Competition is promoted by the Moto Engineering Foundation (MEF Foundation) and the TechnoPark MotorLand Technology Park. MEF Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created in 2008 by the Instituto Aragonés de Fomento, with the aim of promoting technological development, innovation, research and training in the motor sector, involving different sectors of industry, universities, training centers, and other institutions related to the engine. The MEF Foundation has its facilities in a privileged environment such as the TechnoPark Technology Park in Alcañiz, which favors synergies between companies and institutions in the sector, thus allowing cooperation for all kinds of services and innovation projects.

            The sponsors of the Moto Engineering Foundation are the Aragonese Development Institute (IAF), MotorLand Aragón, the University of Zaragoza, the National Association of Companies of the Two-Wheeler Sector (ANESDOR), Dorna Sports, the Confederation of Businessmen of Zaragoza (CEZ), the Royal Spanish Motorcyclist Federation (RFME), the Aragonese Motorcycling Federation (FARAM) and the General Council of Associations of Industrial Engineers of Spain (CGOII).

            More information at

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              Anyone in the world

              This Competition strengthens its international role in promoting the development of university talent in the technology sector.

              The MotoStudent Electric Category will race with motors supplied by the technology center in a clear commitment to sustainable mobility and young talent.

              MotoStudent reinforces its alliance with the CIRCE technology center, which will supply the electric motors for the first time in the VII Edition of the International Competition, promoted by TechnoPark MotorLand in Aragon and the Moto Engineering Foundation. In this way, the technology center becomes the official supplier of this category, materializing its commitment to sustainable mobility and young talent.

              The MotoStudent Electric category will race with the CIRCE-MS2223 motor, with a peak torque of 120Nm and 48kW of maximum power, ready to reach speeds of up to 7500rpm with a weight of only 26 kg. In addition, the power unit increases its technical specifications thanks to its improved thermal behavior with a liquid cooling system. The entity offers the best guarantees with technical assistance during the course of the competition and physically at the Final Event in autumn 2023. It is also committed to MotoStudent's objective regarding talent, supporting the training of the participants in the handling of this technology for their knowledge and safety.

              MotoStudent establishes a collaboration with the CIRCE technology center to share its mission and help students to apply all the knowledge acquired during their university studies in a real industrial project. MotorLand Aragón will be the scenario where the real prototypes of racing motorbikes that will be designed, developed and manufactured by the participants. This initiative is positioned as one of the most challenging projects for students in technical fields, who have to demonstrate their creativity and capacity for innovation in competition with other university teams from all over the world. It is also remarkable for its multidisciplinary component, given the involvement of social science branches in securing sponsors or managing the budgets of each university group.

              This collaborative process allows CIRCE to strengthen the development of technological solutions that help to move towards efficient, safe, connected and low environmental impact mobility in a decarbonized scenario. This is achieved by influencing the entire industrial value chain of mobility systems, from optimizing the manufacture of vehicles and component suppliers to collaboration with public administrations.

              Both initiatives from Aragón bring together similar values, being pioneers in research, innovation, talent development and interest in sustainable mobility.  As Arturo Aliaga, president of the MEF Foundation and vice-president of the Government of Aragon, declared: "This collaboration is a source of pride for our community and it means maintaining our aspiration for TechnoPark to become a benchmark in research and training in the automotive sector. We have been meeting challenges and projects such as MotoStudent and this new alliance show that research will be one of the key elements for the future of our motor city".

              The general director of CIRCE, Andrés Llombart, explained: "The collaboration between MotoStudent and CIRCE is natural because of the commitment of the technology center with young talent. The aim of our involvement in this competition is to act as a natural link between the scientific-technical training of the participants and the implementation of what they have learned in a real environment. In other words, to help young talents to begin their journey in the application of innovation in the market".

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                Anyone in the world

                KTM again aim to inspire speedy young minds by bringing KTM 250 SX-F engine technology to the biennial MotoStudent Competition that teasingly invites engineering pupils from around the world to mould a racing prototype motorcycle.

                The seventh edition of the MotoStudent Competition is promoted by Moto Engineering Foundation and TechnoPark MotorLand in Aragon; a location renowned for autosport development and is also home to staple MotoGP™ Grand Prix venue MotorLand Aragon in eastern Spain.

                The contest began in 2009-2010 and with less than 30 student teams taking part. By the 2019-21 incarnation the submissions had risen to 89 and there is a current cap of 104 for all university-affiliated entrants (with teams consistent of at least 7 members). The MotoStudent concept describes the competition as a goal for students ‘to apply all the knowledge acquired during their university studies in a real industrial project, by designing, developing and manufacturing a real racing motorbike prototype, which will be evaluated and tested in MotorLand Aragon FIM Circuit.’

                KTM are again providing the potent KTM 250 SX-F engine as the motor platform for the ‘Petrol’ category. The unit has been prolific in the filter stages and championships to Moto3™ Grand Prix, starring in series’ such as JuniorGP, the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, the Northern Talent Cup, Austrian Talent Cup and more.

                MotoStudent Petrol Teams during the Final Event of the VI Edition.

                Hubert Trunkenpolz, KTM member of the board: “It’s been encouraging to watch the growth of MotoStudent Competition in the last ten years and it’s still important to us that we can provide our advanced engineering and assist a growing group of technically-minded youngsters. We like the international scope of the competition as well as the priorities towards innovation and performance; it’s something that we recognise as a brand and as a company. When you mix racing and passion with fantastic ideas then you often have spectacular results. We’re already keen to see what the teams can generate from our KTM power for the new edition.”

                More information:

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                  by Moto Student - Friday, 1 April 2022, 9:38 AM
                  Anyone in the world

                  The competition reaffirms its international role in the development of university talent and its innovative training process on two globally relevant stages of the technology and two-wheeler sectors.

                  The exhibition began on Thursday, March 31 at the Advanced Factories Fair, the annual meeting with the leaders of automation and industrial robotics held in Barcelona from March 29 to 31, with Aragon as a guest region and whose inauguration was attended by the Vice President of Aragon, Arturo Aliaga, also receiving recognition of Aragon as "European Industrial Region 2022".

                  Within the Industry 4.0 Congress, in the Attracting Talent to Industry session, TechnoPark MotorLand highlighted its most disruptive talent development project, the MotoStudent International Competition, and the job placement shown by its participating students. The adaptation to the cultural objectives of digitization, sustainability or social responsibility of economic activities, goes first of all through the incorporation of diverse and prepared talent. Based on this premise, the Technology Park continues to work with all its training projects, putting people at the forefront as the cornerstone of the innovative ecosystem.


                  The second event took place at IFEMA, at the Vive la Moto fair in Madrid, the most important meeting of the motorcycle sector in Spain, where MotoStudent presented the Round Table 'MotoStudent, innovation and talent' to present the competition and its involvement in innovation and talent development from different points of view given by exceptional speakers.

                  Pablo Esparza offered his vision as a MotoStudent participant who has taken the leap by developing his own idea of designing and manufacturing electric motorcycles in his company RAY Electric Motors, "In MotoStudent you have to work hard, but it really pays off both personally and professionally. Surround yourself with people who think like you, who work well, create a good atmosphere in the team and from there you have to work hard as we have done in Ray Electric Motors. And if it's not one year, it will be the next, but the results really come". Sergio Crespo of Anesdor, the entity that represents the brands of the two-wheel sector in Spain and promoter of the fair, gave the vision of the project that the industry has and the advantages that the talent coming from MotoStudent offers them: "MotoStudent is a great pool of talent for the industry in all profiles and in all aspects, especially in those most in demand today by the automotive industry, such as computer profiles, electronics or new technologies that the automotive industry demands more and more".

                  From the point of view of competition at the highest level, Oscar Gallardo of Dorna Sports, exclusive holder of the rights to MotoGP or Superbikes, expressed his interest in the springboard that MotoStudent represents towards the elite of competition, "My recommendation is for the universities, they should do more real projects like MotoStudent, that they launch themselves into the market and show what they know how to do. I believe that, for them, participating in this type of project improves the quality of education and the possibilities for students".

                  And, as a fourth fundamental leg, the challenge of innovation, represented by Romà López, of the Red Bull MotoBoost challenge and coordinator of the Red Bull Rookies Cup, who highlighted the need for innovation in a world full of constant new technological waves, giving students the opportunity to challenge themselves not only on the asphalt, but in the technological race that the world lives today, "No doubt, Motostudent is an innovation in a world where technology is the daily bread. In previous editions we have seen a very high level with ideas that are more or less applicable, but that really represent a step forward. Now we are looking to take the challenge to the next level, it will no longer be enough with a good theory, we are going further looking for practical capabilities with faster and more proven solutions. We have no doubt that the students, once again this year, and taking into account the commitment that characterizes them, will be able to pleasantly surprise us".

                  In addition to the event included in the agenda of the fair, visitors have been able to contemplate five prototypes participating in the previous edition at the MotoStudent stand.


                  It is an opportunity to be present in these showcases that concentrate the entire industrial sector and thousands of fans of two wheels, who will know firsthand both MotoStudent as the entire offer of the TechnoPark MotorLand technology park and applied research to the engine that is carried out every day in this ecosystem of companies and research institutions unparalleled in our immediate environment.

                  For MotoStudent it is especially important to be known at events like this and to be able to contact universities that want to participate in this international challenge, whose registration period in this seventh edition is still open and its response is being very positive with more than 70% of the available places requested. These figures corroborate the 300% increase in participation in this event since its first edition 12 years ago, with more than 4,000 students directly involved from 20 countries from the Asian, American, African and European continents.


                    by Moto Student - Wednesday, 1 December 2021, 9:38 AM
                    Anyone in the world

                    After a huge success in its previous edition, with the participation of 89 teams from 17 different countries, MotoStudent 2022-2023 is back again.

                    The registration period for teams opens on January 17th and the number of vacancies is limited to 104 places, divided between the MotoStudent Petrol and MotoStudent Electric categories.

                    The VII MotoStudent Edition opens now, the largest international university competition of motorcycles in the world, which starts its engines for the period 2022-2023 after the enormous success achieved in the previous Edition. Successful figures backed by a record trajectory that accumulates more than 4,000 university students, more than 280 teams from universities in 20 countries and 4 continents, with an investment in R&D of more than 5.5 million euros.

                    The registration period for the future teams of the VII MotoStudent Edition opens on January 17th through the website On this occasion, there will be a limitation of 104 places divided between the two available categories: MotoStudent Petrol and MotoStudent Electric. In April 2022, the 18-month development cycle will begin to design and manufacture the prototype that they will bring to compete at MotorLand Aragón in autumn 2023.

                    The MotoStudent International Competition, promoted by the Moto Engineering Foundation (MEF) based in TechnoPark MotorLand in Alcañiz (Teruel), is much more than a motorcycle race, it is a huge challenge between university teams from all over the world where the students have the opportunity to undertake a real business plan through an industrial project in which, as prospective specialised technicians and engineers, they will apply the knowledge gained over their studies.

                    Meeting with Team Leaders during the Final Event of the VI Edition.

                    MotoStudent has proven to be an experience that leaves an imprint on the students, a point of reference in their careers, where they can turn their passion into their profession. Good proof of this are the many students who have participated in previous MotoStudent Editions and are currently working in prestigious competitions like MotoGP, Formula 1 or WorldSBK, as well as all those who have found their place in the development departments of major motor companies. It has also led to the creation of start-ups that have successfully found their way into the technology market. In addition, and thanks to the collaboration with Red Bull, the MS1 Phase gets an extra boost of energy from the Red Bull MotoBoost, creating a permanent challenge in the Competition. All students registered in the VII Edition will have an additional bonus of motivation and support in their professional career. This collaboration provides them with the ideal ecosystem for their immediate future, an environment that brings together leading professionals in the sector, pioneering industries and top-level competitions.

                    MotoStudent Petrol & MotoStudent Electric Categories

                    MotoStudent 2022 - 2023 will once again be comprised of two categories, MotoStudent Petrol for 250cc and 4T internal combustion engine prototypes, and MotoStudent Electric, for 100% electric prototypes. The Edition will close with a Final Event to be held on the MotorLand Aragón circuit in 2023, with the incentive of racing on the same circuit used by the best riders in the world in an array of races, including the renowned MotoGP World Championship.

                    e e
                    Participating teams of MotoStudent Petrol (left) and MotoStudent Electric (right) categories during the VI Edition.

                    Moto Engineering Foundation and TechnoPark MotorLand

                    The MotoStudent Competition is promoted by TechnoPark MotorLand and Moto Engineering Foundation (MEF), its Patronage is composed by the Aragon Promotion Institute, MotorLand Aragón, the University of Zaragoza, the Spanish Two-wheeler Industry Association (ANESDOR), Dorna, the Zaragoza Confederation of Businessmen (CEZ), the Royal Spanish Motorcycling Federation (RFME), the Motorcycling Federation of Aragon (FARAM), and the General Council of the Spanish Associations of Industrial Engineers (CGCOII).

                    More information:

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