1.   That the signer is a student duly enrolled in the 2021-2022 or the 2022-2023 course in the university declared or in the vocational training centre.


2.   That the signer has read and understood the 2022/2023 Regulations of the Competition.


3.   That the signer agrees to stay informed about any possible changes that may be introduced by the Organisation during the Competition. All changes will be published on the website or via e-mail.


4.   That, as stated in Article A.3.2 "Liability Waiver" of the regulations, the signer must, as team member, hold the Organization harmless from the responsibility for any liability out of acts and actions of the signer at the MotoStudent Competition, as well as during the final Event, within the facilities of the Racing Circuit.


5.   That, as stated in Article A.4.1 "Prototype manufacturing" of the Regulations, the motorcycle will be created, designed and manufactured by the members of the team without any direct participation of external professionals.


6.   That the Moto Engineering Foundation, promoter of the International Competition MotoStudent, have reported you that the kit is provided for use in the VII Edition or derivative uses of MotoStudent, not giving himself for any use outside it. Using the kit supplied exclusively for the prototype construction, which will be competitor in the International Competition MotoStudent 2022-2023.


7.   As stated in Article A.3.6.2. all team members must ensure the coverage of their school insurance and, if not covered, hire one on their own, including coverage during the Final Event.

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